Duke University

Team Members
  • Junqi Qian: PhD student (from Fall 2018)
  • Xuening Feng: PhD student (from Fall 2019)
  • Zhaohui Jiang: PhD student (from Fall 2020)
  • Jianshu Hu: PhD student (from Fall 2021)
  • Yunpeng Jiang: PhD student (from Fall 2021)
  • Fang Han: Master student (from Fall 2022)
Past research graduate students and postdocs
  • Guanbao Yu: (Master student from 2020-2023, next position: Engineer, Intel)
  • Jianyi Zhang: (Master student from 2019-2022, next position: Engineer, Intel)
  • Umer Siddique: (Master student from 2018-2021, next position: PhD student at University of Texas, San Antonio)
  • Matthieu Zimmer: (Postdoc from 2018-2021), next position: Researcher at Huawei, London
  • Claire Glanois: (Postdoc from 2019-2021), next position: Postdoc at University of Copenhagen
  • Toufik Ailane: (PhD student advised in 2018-19), next position: PhD student at SEIEE, SJTU, Shanghai
  • Mohammadhadi Amini (advised from 2016, PhD defended in May 2018 at SYSU), next position: PhD student at CMU, USA
  • Yan Xu (PhD student advised in 2015-17), next position: PhD student at CMU, USA
  • Hugo Gilbert (PhD defended in Dec. 2017 at UPMC, co-advised with Olivier Spanjaard, UPMC and Paolo Viappiani, CNRS), next position: Postdoc at Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy
  • Emmanuel Hadoux (PhD defended in Nov. 2015 at UPMC, co-advised with AurĂ©lie Beynier, UPMC and Nicolas Maudet, UPMC), next position: Postdoc at UCL, UK
  • Josiah Hanna (intern in 2012), next position: PhD student at University of Texas, USA